Changing Planes author Laurie Brenner

Author Laurie Brenner

Managing editor of a small-town California historical weekly newspaper in a past life, Laurie Brenner authored the award winning Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction  The Little Book of Becoming-The Primer to Living Inside Out , The Seven A’s of Attraction and How To Attract Love, a free guide to those who are hunting for their true love.

Laurie’s books share a common thread seen in all of her writings:  spirituality, forgiveness, love, and unconditional acceptance of yourself and those around you.

Brenner and her husband Gordon share their ten-acre piece of heaven on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, a red tail hawk’s flight southwest of Lake Tahoe with their two dogs, four cats, and a myriad of magical and natural creatures from the seen and unseen realms of nature.

They live in their one-of-a-kind home, a house a dream built — Wildwind — house built and designed from their own dreams using nothing more than the power of Source, the Law of Attraction, inspired action, and the sweat of their brows.

Wildwind-the house a dream built

Though neither one of them had any prior construction experience, using the principles outlined in her book The Little Book of Becoming-The Primer to Living Inside Out, she and her husband took on this monumental task of building this three-story dream home in 2000.

They finalized construction in June of 2003, but have been doing stuff to the house since then.

You’ll find Laurie in her third story loft office with an incredible view of the western slope, where she dreams and writes.   She’s currently working on a new novel as well as several other projects.  Stay tuned for more from this prolific author.

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